Anonymous asked:

Bow wow tryng to get some relevance, he ain't fool me Chris been going to court for years that nigga never once showed up but now that cameras are there he wanna "support" fuck that

stillchrisbrownjet answered:

Can y’all just…… Today is obviously more important than any of his previous court dates, the nigga facing 4 years. He’s ALWAYS been there just behind the scenes cause he aint fake supporting like others 👀🌚. He’s been more supportive & loyal to him than any of his significant others if we being honest. But carry on



Anon is very slow Bow has been there for years from jump he isn’t there for no damn pub  he always was dummy cameras at every court date Cb has jut because who he is so Im confused on the statement once again

Can we please get off this “Bow Wow is irrelevant” bandwagon already? It’s getting extremely old. As far as support, Bow has ALWAYS been there. Just because he ain’t showing it on social media every five minutes doesn’t mean he’s not there. Anon, you tried it and you failed. Goodbye.